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Where is Halbenrain located?

Halbenrain is located in the political district of South-East Styria at an altitude of 223 m. It lies in the so-called Styrian Volcanic Countryside and is about 5 kilometres away from Bad Radkersburg. The market town covers an area of 38,78 km² and is home to 1,735 people.

The weather in Halbenrain

The average annual temperature is 9,6°C, Halbenrain sees the most rain in July with 111 mm, the driest month is January with 39 mm. The hottest month is July, January the coldest.

Things to do in Halbenrain

Every year the traditional “Strawanz'n” food festival offers regional products and delicacies from the area around Halbenrain. Every Thursday in July and August visitors are spoilt for choice, for local catering outlets pamper their guests with up to 40 different main courses and 30 desserts. It is up to the guests how often they come to the “Strawanz'n” festival in order to taste the complete excellent offer.

Austria, Styria, Steierische Vulkanland, Halbenrain, Schloss Halbenrain
©Cziglar, TV Bad Radkersburg
Austria, Styria, Steierische Vulkanland, Halbenrain
Austria, Styria, Steierische Vulkanland, Halbenrain, Strawanzn

The castle of Halbenrain, located in the heart of the town, was first mentioned in 1244. This historically significant building is surrounded by a marvellous park and represents a precious jewel in the area. It was newly erected in the 16th and 17th century. In 1724 it passed into the ownership of Duke Stürgkh. After the castle had been destroyed by fire in 1767, it was rebuilt to a large extent. Since 1980 the federal province of Styria has been the official owner of the castle initiating a complete renovation. Today the walls of the castle house a domestic science school for girls.

Murradweg, a nice cycle path, passes at Halbenrain and leads you to the most southerly point of Styria, the city of Bad Radkersburg.  This is an excellent way for bikers to explore the wonderful surroundings, romantic vineyards, hot springs, pumpkin fields and fruit plantations. Along the cycle route you find a wide range of culinary offers from tasty titbits to refined regional delicacies. Many hotels and inns have specialised in welcoming bikers and offer them a relaxing stay and a fresh start for their onward tour.