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Figura Sport Zentrum Praděd – Jeseníky

Figura Sport Zentrum Praděd – Jeseníky is the highest ski area in the Czech Republic. It extends from an elevation of 1,300 meters in the middle of the High Ash Mountains between the peaks of Vysoká hole, Petrovy kameny and Praděd to up to 1,491 meters.

Because of the altitude you will find all the best winter snow and ski run conditions here. The nearly 5 kilometers of slopes are varied and offer winter fun for skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The Snow Park is waiting to entertain with rails and quarter-pipes. For cross-country skiers, Figura Sport Zentrum Praděd – Jeseníky is a true paradise with over 90 km of trails. If you are traveling without winter sports equipment, you can explore the impressive landscape on the numerous winter hiking trails. You can see the ski slopes live on the feratel webcam.

Even in summer the Figura Sport Zentrum is well worth a vacation. Many hiking and mountain bike trails lead throughout the well built trail system through the High Ash Mountains. With a futuristic 154-meter high TV tower, historic Petrovy kameny and Praděd are particularly popular destinations. 

The weather in Praděd – Jeseníky

In Figura Sport Zentrum, a moderate to cool climate prevails all year round – this is mainly due to the altitude. January is the coldest month and June is the warmest month of the year. The current local weather conditions and forecasts can be found on the feratel webcam under “Weather”.

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