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Georgia is located south of the Greater Caucasus mountain range and east of the Black Sea. In 1991 it declared independence from the Soviet Union. Geographically slightly smaller than Bavaria, Georgia holds a population of only 4,5 million people. 87 % of the country consists of mountains and foothills. The capital and largest city is Tbilisi with 1,285 million inhabitants.  All other Georgian cities do not have more than 180.000 inhabitants (Kutaisi, Batumi, Sokhumi …). In total, 28 different ethnic groups live in Georgia, the largest one being Georgians. Georgian is the primary language.  A large majority of the Georgian population practices Christianity, primarily the Georgian Orthodox Church which is one of the world’s most ancient Churches.


The high mountains of the Greater Caucasus range shield the country from the cold northern winds, whereas the Black Sea brings warm and moist air to Georgia. Georgia sees only little snow in winter, the summer, however, is hot and autumn is mild and sunny.  This is the ideal climate for growing citrus fruits, wine and tea.


Georgia features large forests which are home to rare animals such as Caucasian leopards, brown bears, wolves and lynxes. Georgia’s landscape is very varied including Mount Shkhara, the highest mountain in Georgia with 5068 meters, and the Krubera Cave, the deepest known cave in the world with 2190 meters.


Besides the cultivation of wine and tea, Georgia, especially the regions in the Caucasus and at the Black Sea, relies strongly on tourism. Georgian destinations can be reached via Germany or Turkey. Georgia expects an economic revival by developing its Black Sea harbours. Oil and gas pipelines leading though the country are another important source of income. The Lari is the currency of Georgia.