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Sierra de Javalambre is a plateau in the southeast of the Spanish province of Teruel. The highest point of the 29 kilometer-long plateau is only 2,020 meters. Because of the special climatic conditions, the area is excellent for skiing. As a result, the Aramón Javalambre ski resort was developed here considering that it is less than one-and a-half-hours by car from the big cities of Valencia and Zaragoza. There are currently about 14 kilometers of ski slopes in total that can be fully covered with artificial snow if needed. In summer, the area is a popular destination for mountaineers and there are numerous panoramic hiking trails. Sierra is also attractive because of the two highly frequented mineral springs: Manzanera and Camarena de la Sierra.

The area is also known for its abundant flora and fauna. For example, juniper grows at higher elevations of the plateau. The vegetation forms a strange pattern that locals call “Panther Skin”.
The plateau only has a few residents left, many of them moved away because of the economic and climatic conditions in the last century. Not even 3,000 people in total live in the villages of Torrijas, Arcos de las Salinas, Camarena de la Sierra, La Puebla de Valverde, Sarrión, Albentosa, Abejuela and Manzanera.

Weather in Javalambre

As already mentioned, the weather on the plateau is extreme. The cold frosty winter lasts from November to May. Summers are hot and humid, with temperatures rarely exceeding 30 degrees. The annual average precipitation is between 400 and 600 mm in the valleys and 700 mm higher up, where most of the precipitation falls as snow.

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What’s happening in Javalambre?

The only place with more than 1,000 inhabitants on the Sierra de Javalambre is Sarrión. Two events turn the village into a metropolis for a short time each year: the international FITRUF truffle fair in December and the Trincheras Rock Festival in March or April.

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