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The town of Panticosa

Panticosa is located in the Pyrenees in the Spanish province of Huesca at an altitude of 1,184 meters. The town was first mentioned in 1315 as being at the confluence of the Caldarés and Bolática mountain streams. The Romans most likely already knew about the area due to its healing hot springs. Today, the water still gushes out of the rock at about 60 degrees. The heyday for hot springs tourism was in the 19th Century and many of the lovely Belle Epoque buildings from this period have been beautifully restored and preserved to this day.

Today, the small community with just over 800 inhabitants is mainly known for its family-friendly ski area. The center of skiing is Panticosa itself, while the hot springs are eight kilometers away in the district of Balneario de Panticosa. Panticosa advertises its ski resort as “small enough not to get lost and big enough to discover new runs every day”. Many of the lifts are also in operation in summer, making the area an attractive destination for mountain enthusiasts.

Weather in Panticosa

The southern side of the Pyrenees is exposed to more pleasant weather. There is far less precipitation in the Spanish part than in the French part. On average, the sun shines 2,000 hours a year, nearly as much as on the French Mediterranean coast. The spring has the most precipitation with mild temperatures between 16 to 25 degrees. The warmest and driest months are July, August and September. Maximum daily temperatures in summer in the mountain areas rarely exceed 26 degrees.

Winter, Panticosa, ski resort
Winter in Panticosa
Winter, Panticosa

In winter, it can sometimes get quite chilly in the Panticosa region. But the cold also means there is sure to be snow. Depending on the altitude, there can be up to six months of snow!

What's happening in Panticosa?

In addition to the church holiday on 15th of August, there are two important dates on the town’s calendar: in July, a market conjures up a medieval atmosphere in the streets. And there are also big celebrations for the Carnival festival. In the week before Ash Wednesday, there is a feast every day and people dress up. And the celebrations not only take place in town, as people also wear masks on the ski slopes.

Panticosa, Lago de Asnos
Panticosa, Hiking

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