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The community of Oberammergau

Oberammergau is located in the Bavarian Ammeratel at an altitude of 837 meters. The history of the 5000-person community dates back to the 9th Century when the first monastery was built here. Oberammergau is especially famous for the Passion Play that takes place here every ten years, and for its wood carvers and artisans. The Oberammergau mountains attract countless active vacationers in summer and winter.

What’s the Weather like in Oberammergau?

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©Matthias Neubauer
Summertime in Oberammergau

Oberammergau in summer

More than 300 km of hiking trails wind through the Oberammergau Alps, the largest natural reserve in Bavaria. The surrounding mountain peaks can be climbed on foot or by mountain bike. Cable cars can more comfortably bring nature lovers up to the Laber and Kolbensattel. feratel webcams provide a gorgeous live view of the Laber and Koblensattel. Nature and culture combine perfectly in Oberammergau where you can take the Maximilianweg hiking trail to reach the famous royal castles. Another highlight is the 87 km long Meditation trail. During this pilgrimage, over 15 stations will help you completely switch off from the everyday routine and find inner peace.

©Oberammergau Tourismus
©Thorsten Unseld

Oberammergau in winter

Winter in Oberammergau does nothing to detract from wanderlust, as 70 km of cleared trails are also available in the cold season. The Ammergau Alps are especially popular with cross-country skiers, as there are 100 km of free trails and 13 circuits for classic cross-country skiers or skaters. The AktivArena of Kolben is an ideal downhill ski area for beginners and families. The mostly blue trails run through wide forest corridors, which also ensure the best snow quality. Freeriders get their money’s worth at Laber too. feratel webcams not only show what is currently going on in the ski areas, but also provide the latest information on open lifts and runs.

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