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Bäckerei Schmidl

Traditional Wachau bakery and inventor of the Original Wachau Laberl

Schloss Greisslerei Dürnstein

Purer Wachau Genuss inmitten der Dürnsteiner Altstadt lässt Gourmet-Herzen höher schlagen

Schloss Luberegg

The top wedding location in the Wachau
Lots of space for your dream wedding


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Where is Dürnstein?

The Lower Austrian town of Dürnstein is home to around 900 people and is located 40km north of St. Pölten and 90km north-west of Vienna. It is one of the most famous destination due to its well-reserved medieval charm, the castle ruin, and the beauty of Wachau. Sitting right on the bank of the river Danube, it is a vital centre for shipping on the Danube. Our weather webcam provides live pictures of Dürnstein Monastery, the Wachau region as well as the Danube.

How is the weather in Dürnstein?

What’s the weather going to be on your vacation in Lower Austria? Check out our live webcam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend, including temperatures and further information.

[Translate to 01_EN:] Sommer in Dürnstein © Donau Niederösterreich
[Translate to 01_EN:] Winter in Dürnstein © Donau Niederösterreich, Andreas Hofer

What to see in Dürnstein?

Gothic meets Renaissance and Baroque in the narrow alleys of the historic old town. Picturesque villas and sights such as Prangerplatz Square and Kunigunden Church complete the tour through the town. Dürnstein Monastery on the banks of the Danube is the true landmark of the Wachau. It was built in the early 15th century and reconstructed 300 years later. 

The castle ruin of Dürnstein, situated above the town, was built in the 12th century by the Kuenringern. The castle became famous by King Richard I of England who was held captive by Leopold V, Duke of Austria after their dispute during the Third Crusade. Explore the history of the castle and enjoy the stunning landscape of the Danube Valley at the same time. 

What to do in Dürnstein?

The amazing landscape of the Wachau, which is also on the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites, is the perfect setting to explore prehistoric rocks. Hikers will love the numerous trails of varying degrees of difficulty such as Welterbesteig Wachau (e.g.  Dürnstein-Weißenkirchen or Krems-Dürnstein) or the hike to Dürnstein castle via Vogelbergsteig Wachau, boasting amazing views of Danube Valley. If you prefer it more relaxed take the slow train through the vineyards.  

The only fully biological swimming pool in Lower Austria is the ideal alternative on hot summer days. 

Explore the region along the Danube on a ship and learn more about the towns of Krems, Rossatz, Weißkirchen, Spitz, Emmersdorf and Melk. Ships are travelling from Vienna to Dürnstein and back from July to September. While travelling on the ship enjoy local specialties – Wachau apricot, excellent local wines, and lots more.

What to do in Dürnstein when the weather is bad?

Do not miss one of the famous wine tastings and learn more about the history of winegrowing in the Wachau region. A rainy day is perfect to visit the Krems Caricature Museum, Schallaburg Castle or Melk Monastery. Whether sunshine or rain – our webcams will tell you!