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Where is Genk - Bokrijk?

Genk is located in Belgium in the region of Flanders and belongs to the district of Hasselt in the province of Limburg. Bokrijk is a former country estate and part of Genk. Domain Bokrijk, in Flemish Domein Bokrijk, is located about 5 kilometers west of the Genk city center and about 7 kilometers from Hasselt and Zonhoven. Genk is close to the Albert Canal, in Flemish Albertkanaal, the artificial waterway connecting the two Belgian cities of Liege and Antwerp. The Albert Canal also makes it possible to get from the Meuse to the North Sea without having to go through the Netherlands.

What is the weather like in Bokrijk?

The climate in Flanders is moderate, winters are cool and summers are warm. Rain falls in Belgium at all times of the year, but snowfall is rare in the region. In the warm summer months, cycling, swimming, walking or hiking in nice weather are popular pastimes. To make sure you always know about the current weather in Genk - Bokrijk, our live webcams provide weather forecasts for today, tomorrow and the coming weekend. With our live webcams you can find out at any time and at a glance whether rain is currently falling in Domain Bokrijk or the sun is shining on the park landscape. Our webcam shows you not only the well-kept park but also the old windmill and the beautiful buildings in Domain Bokrijk.

How did all begin in Genk - Bokrijk?

Genk is a young city, and was only elevated to a city by the municipality in the year 2000. Today, about 66,250 inhabitants live in the 87.85 km² city area. By 1900, instead of a city, there was only a small hamlet with hardly more than 2,000 inhabitants. After the discovery of coal deposits, the economy in the region boomed for some 60 years, until in 1988 the last coal mine closed. Since then, the focus has been on boosting tourism with a wide range of leisure activities, and amusement parks, sports facilities, museums and building event centers. Genk also scores as a multicultural center; some coal workers from Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Morocco stayed until today and shape the life and the townscape. The first mentioning of Bokrijk dates back to 1252 when the abbey had a farm built in the wooded area between Hasselt and Zonhoven; Genk was then called “Buscurake”. In the following almost 700 years, Domain Bokrijk changed hands frequently, now the Province of Limburg owns the site since 1938. In 1953, planning began for the construction of an open-air museum.

What is there to do at Domain Bokrijk?

In 1958, the Domain Bokrijk open-air museum was opened, and nowadays around 1 million visitors visit the 550-hectare site every year. On site you can see a historical castle, an open-air stage and the arboretum. The Arboretum is a collection of exotic trees and plants that decorate the park. Various performances and concerts are held on the open-air stage. You can walk or ride a bike on well-maintained trails in the park. The ponds and water areas are home to various water birds and fish. Starting at the beginning of May, a fishing license can be purchased on site, and fishing in the picturesque park is a wonderful way to relax. Day visitors from Belgium and the Netherlands, as well as vacationers from Germany, Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland love to take some time away from their everyday stress in the Domain.

How far is it from Brussels to Bokrijk?

The Belgian capital Brussels is located about 90 kilometers west of Bokrijk in the interior; Maasmechelen and the Dutch city of Maastricht are 30 kilometers east. Would you like to spend your next vacation in Belgium? Our live webcams will show you the most beautiful cities of the country and inform you at any time on the current local weather.