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Mechelen is a Belgium city located in the province of Flanders. It is home to around 84,500 people.
Mechelen looks back on a rich history: it all started with an abbey in 870. During the centuries the city came under the rule of the Dukes of Burgundy, the Habsburg Family and the French; in 1815 it became part of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and finally in 1830 of Belgium.

Mechelen city centre is almost circular with a diameter of 1km. About 300 listed buildings can be found in the Old Town which is often referred to as an “open-air museum of the Renaissance”. One of the landmarks is St. Rumbold’s Tower. Although its construction has never been finished due to a lack of money, it is 96m tall and is listed as a World Heritage Site. Grote Markt (Big Market) is another sight worth visiting. Many channels cross the municipal area. Het Anker Brewery has been brewing beer for five generations and is now also distilling Single Malt Whisky.

Mechelen with Kids

Along with the city centre, Planckendael Zoo is well worth seeing. In bad weather try the Toys Museum, featuring some of Europe’s largest collections.

Things to Do in Mechelen

The Hanswijk Cavalcade occupies a special place in Mechelen's rich tradition. Giants made of papier mâché are carried through town. The Hanswijk Cavalcade only takes place once every 25 years, unlike the annual Hanswijk Procession, taking place every year on Ascension Day.