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Where is Dunajská Streda?

Dunajská Streda is a charming small town in the south of Slovakia. It has about 22,600 inhabitants, the majority of Hungarian origin. It is situated in the middle of the Žitný ostrov Island, Europe's largest river island between the Danube, the Small Danube and the Váh. This island used to be an economic and trade center. Numerous special animal and plant species, especially many birds, live there. The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava, is only about 50 minutes away by car.

The city, with numerous historical magnificent buildings, was founded on the site of an ancient settlement. Literally translated, the city name Dunajská Streda means "place on the Danube where a market is held on Wednesdays". And as the meaning already suggests, the name has its origin in the markets that used to be held on Wednesdays. The small town is known for its technical monuments, such as the water mills, as well as for its thermal baths, especially the Dunajská Streda Thermal Park.

Thermal Park in Dunajská Streda

The Thermal Park Dunajská Streda is one of the most popular and most visited thermal parks in the south of Slovakia. Visitors are offered recreation, relaxation, wellness, fun and more on a total area of 18 hectares. Thermal spa guests can relax and unwind in a total of ten indoor and outdoor pools, filled with thermal water at temperatures ranging from 26 °C to 39 °C. The Sauna World offers visitors four different saunas for deep relaxation. A visit to the salt chamber afterwards is part of a mandatory wellness program. The visitors are spoiled in altogether six massage areas with different offers as well as therapies and treatments for the well-being in the massage center of the thermal bath. Families with children of course also get their money's worth, as the thermal bath offers a children's pool with slide, sandbox, swings and the children's summer club with a varied program. There is an exciting slide tower with seven different slides of different difficulty levels for the older children and adults who like to have fun. And you can just relax in the sun on the well-kept lawn. In addition, there are also volleyball courts, a tennis court, beach soccer and miniature golf - nobody will get bored.

The origin of the Dunajská Streda Thermal Park is based on a lucky coincidence: during drilling in the 1980s, thermal water was discovered that bubbles up from the depths of the earth at a temperature of approx. 57 °C, which is especially beneficial for the locomotor system. Since then, the thermal spa has become a well-known destination for rest and relaxation in the south of Slovakia.

Right next to the thermal park is the Thermal Park Hotel***, where tired, but above all relaxed thermal guests can spend a restful night after a day in the bath.

What is the weather like in Dunajská Streda?

The climate in Dunajská Streda is moderate continental. The average annual temperature is about 6.9 °C. From May to September the temperatures are pleasant and there is hardly any precipitation - thus the perfect time to visit this region of Slovakia. The warmest weather with the highest temperatures is always in July with about 27 °C. But also in winter the weather favors this region and gives it a lot of snow, making it an excellent destination for winter sports.