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Where is Nové Zámky?

In the south of Slovakia, on the River Nitra, lies the city of Nové Zámky. It is only about 25 kilometers from the border with Hungary and about 100 kilometers west of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. The city itself is divided into the town of Nové Zámky and the village of Nový Gúg.

Originally, this Slovak town was built next to a castle for the protection from the Ottomans. Today, several German companies from the mechanical engineering and automotive supply industries have settled there. One of the better known companies is Osram Licht AG.

There is also a thermal spring in Nové Zámky, with water from a depth of 1,506 meters. The thermal water hardly contains any sediment but iodine. It is soft, highly mineralized and has a hydro carbonate character. These properties make it ideal for the thermal spa in the village: Termálne kúpalisko Štrand.

Thermal spa Termálne kúpalisko Štrand

The spa feeds its thermal water directly from the thermal spring in the area. It covers an incredible area of eight hectares and offers numerous opportunities for wellness, recreation, relaxation, games, action and fun. One day's visit is usually not enough to explore the entire spa and try the many offerings. The water in a total of nine large pools has a pleasantly warm temperature of 26 to 28 °C. The therapy pool even has 35 °C and is equipped with floor bubblers as well as twelve massage jets. The newly built sitting pools guarantee a high relaxation factor with their massage jets, massage beds and water spouts. Those who want to switch off completely and treat themselves can still visit one of the saunas and get pampered with one of the long massages.

For those who want to experience a little action in the thermal pool, there is the adventure pool with attractions such as water cannons, water slides and water castle. The children's pool is very well equipped for the needs of the little ones and offers an unforgettable bathing experience. And in the spray park, young and old can have fun water battles. Furthermore, you will find playgrounds, miniature golf, a basketball and a volleyball court at the spa area. Since so much fun in the spa makes you hungry, restaurants are available to provide guests with culinary delights. This thermal spa definitely offers an absolute all-round package in terms of leisure fun!

By the way, the thermal bath is open from the beginning of June until the end of September.

Sights in Nové Zámky

In addition to the thermal and wellness experience, the town in the south of Slovakia offers some historical sites that are definitely worth exploring:

  • the ruins of the fortifications (Castrum Novum) with the characteristic hexagonal star-shaped layout
  • the church of the Franciscan monastery in Baroque style from the 17th century
  • other places of worship of different faiths
  • the synagogue from the 17th century and
  • the Ernest Zmeták Art Gallery, which exhibits European art from the 16th to the 20th century

Romantic walks along the famous River Nitra are very popular among locals and holidaymakers alike.

What is the weather like in Nové Zámky?

Nové Zámky is located in the moderate climate zone, continental climate prevails. The average annual temperature in this part of Slovakia is about 10 °C. The warmest month is July with 20 °C and the coldest is January with -2 °C. The best time to visit this special city in Slovakia is from June to September, when there is little precipitation and pleasant temperatures prevail.