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Vyšná Boca

The small town of Vyšná Boca is located in the interior of Slovakia on the edge of the Bocianská valley at 950 meters. The inhabitants of the town originally lived off mining. Mainly iron, gold and antimony were mined. Today, agriculture and tourism are the two basic economic activities of the region. Although the valley in the Low Tatra mountains is sparsely populated, it is fully developed for tourism.

In summer, NAPANT National Park attracts many hikers and nature lovers. Strict rules must be followed in the nature reserve. Hiking is only permitted on designated trails and during the daylight. Mountain biking or cycling is not permitted. In NAPANT with a little luck you can spot rare species such as wild pigs and golden eagles in the wild.

Vyšná Boca is one of the 16 ski resorts in the Low Tatras. Here 3 km of perfectly groomed slopes await winter sports enthusiasts. The lifts carry skiers and snowboarders up to an elevation of 1,360 meters. Twice a week the slopes are lit up at night too, guaranteeing fun on the slopes around the clock. The feratel Webcam shows the live action on the slopes.