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Where is Vyšná Boca?

In the north of Slovakia, at the end of the green valley Bocianská, lies the small mining village Vyšná Boca. Located in the Low Tatras, in the middle of the Nízke Tatry National Park (NAPANT), beautifully framed by the Čertovice and Rovná hoľa Mountains, this idyllic village will make any nature-loving heart beat faster. Hiking enthusiasts will find here the ideal starting point for tours to the Tatra Ďumbier and Kráľovohorské.

The center of the village is situated at 950 meters above sea level, 19 km away from Liptovský Hrádok. The original buildings preserved to this day still bear witness to the mining past of the village. In earlier times, workers lived here to mine gold and iron. Now tourists can stay in the historic rooms and apartments, which have been lovingly restored.

To get to this village in the Low Tatras, vacationers from Austria, the Czech Republic or Switzerland travel best by car or bus.

What can you do in Vyšná Boca?

Hiking in the NAPANT National Park in summer and discovering numerous caves

If you love nature and hiking, you should definitely plan a stay in Vyšná Boca! Because starting from this village, the long valleys, steep cliffs, deep gorges and vast forests of the Nízke Tatry (Low Tatras) National Park are wonderful to discover. You can climb the peaks of the Low Tatras, Chopok and Ďumbier and enjoy a breathtaking view of large parts of Slovakia. Or you can venture into the interior of the mountains and explore some of the caves in the park. The most famous is certainly the Demänová Freedom Cave on the right side of the Demänovská dolina valley. However, "the cave of dead bats" and the Bystrianska jaskyňa cave, with a sightseeing path of 580 m, are absolutely worth a visit.

Skiing, cross-country skiing and watching international races live in winter

Starting November, Vyšná Boca turns into an inviting and exciting ski resort. In the Bačova roveň ski resort there are opportunities for cross-country skiing and skiing is guaranteed by lighting the slopes even after sunset. Those who need a little variety in between can also visit the ski resorts Čertovica and STIV Čertovica, which are about 3 km away.

The highlight: the ski resort regularly hosts international races and also the Slovak Masters Cup.

Ski center Bačova roveň

In Bačova roveň ski lovers, but also beginners in skiing and families will find the best conditions for a successful ski vacation in Slovakia!

Five reasons:

  • With an altitude of up to 1,360 meters above sea level, Bačova roveň is one of the 15 highest and most snow-sure ski resorts in Slovakia.
  • There is a suitable slope for everyone. Whether you're very young or in your prime, a racing pro or a beginner – various levels of difficulty mean there's the perfect ski slope for everyone. Two ski lifts with a length of 800 m and a 140 m long children's ski lift transport guests comfortably to the top.
  • No skis of your own? No problem! Simply rent a complete set of ski equipment from the ski service.
  • Skiing under the stars: twice a week the slopes are illuminated and you can enjoy your skiing vacation at night.

What is the weather like in Vyšná Boca?

Pleasant temperatures prevail in summer as do in the whole of Slovakia and the Low Tatras. Between May and the end of September the weather invites you to go hiking. Starting November the temperatures drop and you will find the best conditions for your skiing vacation until March.

Thus book your accommodation, pack your backpack with hiking boots or skis and experience a great vacation in the Low Tatras of Slovakia!