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The city of Kayseri

Located at 1,054 meters in Central Anatolia at the foot of the extinct volcano Erciyes, Kayseri is the capital city of the province of the same name and home to over 1.3 million people. The development of the city goes far back in history: at the time of the Hittites, the city was called Mazaca; at the time of the ancient Greeks it was called Eusebia. In those days the present-day Kayseri already formed a state center. Then followed its conquest by the Romans under Emperor Tiberius when the city received once more a new name: Caesarea. At that time, Caesarea was already a Christian Mecca. Due to turbulent times, the city alternated between the Ottoman Empire and the Mongolians.

The new city was built in 1900 and numerous buildings still exist today. Today Kayseri is one of the most important economic centers, if not the largest industrial area, in Turkey. Specializing in the furniture industry, almost 80% of the demand in the entire country is produced here.

What’s happening in Kayseri

Due to its thousands of years of history, Kayseri offers much diversity. Not far from the center you can admire the beautiful Seljuk (Turkish royal dynasty) architecture, such as a mosque, a mausoleum or a Turkish bath. The village of Soganli was one of the most important refuges for Christians in 400 AD. You can still marvel at the around 50 partially exceptionally preserved rock-hewn churches and caves.

Museum offerings include the Archaeological Museum in the city center, the Atatürk Museum and the Gevher Nesibe Museum of medical history. For nature lovers, the approximately 70 kilometer distant “Sultan Sazligi” is recommended with more than 17,000 hectares of reed area that is home to nearly 300 species of birds. The Kapuzbasi-Takim waterfall, which drops 30 meters into the valley, is also worth seeing.

Skiing on the volcano

The landmark of the city of Kayseri is the 3,917 meter high Erciyes volcano. Fifty million years old and long since dormant, it is alluring thanks to the dry continental climate with fine powder snow. For several years, modern lift facilities based on the European model, including a new hotel complex, have been built. Meanwhile, there is also a Snow Academia ski school and a fun park for aspiring freeriders. The ski area of Kayseri Erciyes is 20 minutes away from the city center by car and has almost 60 kilometers of runs and 18 lifts.