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Where is Jennersdorf?

Jennersdorf is a town in Burgenland in Austria, home to 4.154 people and covers an area of 37,95km2.

The district capital is located in the Raab valley in South Burgenland. It is only 4 km to Styria and to Hungary as the crow flies. The nearest towns are Fehring and Fürstenfeld in Styria and St. Gotthard in Hungary.

What's going on in Jennersdorf?

The region offers a lot of activities throughout the year. Hiking tours to Schlößlberg in Mogersdorf, a relaxing day at Königsdorf lake, in the spa or the public pool (the largest in Central Europe), bicycle tours along the Raab river following the 'Paradiesroute' (paradise route) or canoeing. A wide range of activities to suit everyone's needs and tastes! Do not miss to taste Uhudler wine in one of the local wine taverns.

In good weather it is highly recommended to explore Raab-Örség-Goricko nature park in the most southern area of Burgenland situated near the border to Hungary and Slovenia. Explore the charming countryside on interesting adventure tours, instructive nature trails and scenic walks. Do not miss to visit the romantic Tabor castle in Neuhaus upon Klausenbach. Another highlight is the 'Oleanderhaus' association in Rax district displaying impressive oleander plants.


A dream comes true for golf enthusiasts in this region: it takes only 30 minutes by car to the linked golf area in Stegersbach and a little bit longer to Bad Tatzmannsdorf Golf Club, which are among the largest golf parks in Europe. You also find Thermengolfplatz Loipersdorf within spitting distance.


Jennersdorf is the ideal starting point as it is surrounded by many thermal spas such as Bad Loipersdorf, Bad Waltersdorf, Bad Blumau and Stegersbach, all the centres are open in all weathers. The spa retreats are nicely embedded in the soft hills of Burgenland, which also offers many activities outside the water. 


The Binderberg (384 m asl) is one of the highest mountains in Jennersdorf featuring a wonderful observation deck with a panoramic view of Raab and Lafnitz valley, Loipersdorf and Stradener Kogel. When the weather is fine you can even see Styria and Riegersburg castle. Take the Kapellenwanderweg (hiking trail) to get to the observation deck or drive to Bücsek Guesthouse to reach the deck.


Besides spa, golf course, biking and hiking tours there are many more (family-friendly) destinations in Jennersdorf:

  • Jostmühle – the mill at Windisch Minihof
  • Chocolate manufacture Zotter at Riegersburg
  • Magic Forest Mühlgraben
  • Herberstein Zoo
  • 3D archery in Poppendorf
  • Ostrich farm Donner

Webcam & Weather Jennersdorf

 Jennersdorf has continental climate. The best travel season is from May to September. The area sees more than 300 days of sunshine a year. July is the hottest month, January the coldest with an average temperature of 2 °C.

Check out our live webcam at Binderberg in Oberhenndorf for the current weather situation in Jennersdorf and our forecast.