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Introducing feratel

feratel media technologies AG is an overall provider of tourism information systems. With about 180 employees and offices in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Benelux countries, Spain, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the USA and Japan, the company focuses on three key areas:

feratel - telecommunications

feratel is the inventor of the panorama camera. More than 500 camera locations provide panorama pictures and weather data to television stations throughout Europe. And in the course of this, feratel covers the entire range of services from installing camera and weather stations to transmitting data via radio systems and Internet, to directly integrating ready broadcasts into partner broadcaster programs. 

feratel - Information and Reservation System  (IRS)

feratel represents a complete e-tourism concept. Numerous destinations in Central and Eastern Europe take advantage of the software systems and external information systems that feratel has developed, allowing for technologically supported dynamic destination management. The range of services extends from economical single-user solutions to networked regional and state-wide solutions..

feratel - media

The Sitour company, part of the group, invented the alpine winter and summer advertising business and has been a partner in the cable car and advertising industry for over 40 years. Sitour not only acts as designer and producer of panorama information boards, ski slope signage and ski slope management systems, but is a reliable adviser in all issues of safety. The advertising spaces on all information tools are also a very popular means of communication for the advertising industry, and are appealing with their high recognition rates and contact information.

These three key areas are complemented by numerous additional products, which complete the concept of a total tourism solution provider. The company markets a unique tourism content pool filled with panorama pictures, weather data, hotel and event information to Internet portals and mobile phone operators, thus opening additional sales channels for its customers. By admitting various on-line forms of advertising feratel refinances its ongoing expenses.

With its own software and an experienced team of experts, feratel is also active in the area of accreditation for large events and trade fairs. Since the 2003/2004 winter season, feratel has also emerged as a package provider for travel agencies in Europe and Asia.

In addition to the technological offerings in the field of destination management, feratel also supports its customers with active guest referrals.

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