Innsbruck-based feratel media technologies AG is a leading provider of all-in solutions for the travel and tourism industry. No client is too big or too small: feratel’s client list includes entire tourism region and ski resorts as well as tiny B&B hotels. Locations in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, the USA and Japan ensure a strong international presence. Partners in France, Sweden and Russia additionally take care that feratel products are globally represented.

The company focusses on three key business operations: telecommunication (TELE), information and booking systems and media, emphasizing the synergy of these three sectors.


There are hardly any hotel guests or TV viewers who have not come across the telecommunication segment (TELE) of feratel, since this service not only includes traditional panorama TV broadcast on TV stations all over Europe, but also HD live video streaming from 400 locations. The pictures captured by our cameras can be received via destination and portal sites, smart phone, smart TV, smart watch, navigation systems …. Additionally, the well-known and very popular live weather pictures are integrated in hotel channels and DigitalSignage systems.

Information and Reservation System (IRS)

In the business segment ‘information and booking systems’ 4000 travel destinations rely on feratel expertise. feratel offers solutions and products with which all relevant sales channel can be used both online and offline, and all tourism-related tasks are performed by technology-supported applications. Based on our destination management system Deskline®, the individual solutions are completed by numerous products such as WebClient, RegistrationClient, GuestCard or Channel Manager …., providing optimum marketing of the tourism product as well as long-term customer loyalty.


The business segment ‘media’ includes products and services of our subsidiary sitour, i.e. analogue and digital information, safety and signage systems designed for ski resorts as well as the marketing of various advertising spaces and advertising systems. Over 1,000 alpine regions rely on sitour in the winter and the summer. This clearly confirms sitour’s approach comprising professional support service, extensive know-how in the field of the ropeway and (winter) sports industry and technological lead. Moreover, online products such as top hotel links, various smartphone apps, smart TV apps, etc. as well as innovative solutions within engagement marketing (HelloSpot, SocialWall) are part of the media segment. The vast array of products is completed by comprehensive digital signage solutions designed for various applications (destination TV, cable TV, hotel TV, infotainment in ski resorts, etc.) plus custom-made accreditation solutions for big events.

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