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Kemer - Talstation

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Where is Kemer?

Kemer is a town at the Turkish Riviera in the Antalya Province and thus belongs to Asia. The popular bathing resort is situated in the historic Lycia region about 45 km south-west of Antalya, the capital of the province. Lycia is the antique name of the ancient Greek region in the south-west of Asia. The town of Kemer is the administrative centre of the province and is home to 42.796 people and covers an area of 468 km². The rocky foothills of the impressive Taurus Mountains in the west of Kemer touch the sea in some areas and several tunnels had to be constructed to link the northern region of the country.  

What is the Weather Like in Kemer?

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What's Going On in Kemer?

Since the 1980s tourism has become the predominant economic factor in this Turkish town, boasting numerous challenging sports activities as well as cultural and relaxing programmes. Many tourists are attracted by the pedestrian zone situated between the town centre and the beach and enjoy a stroll along the promenade or the nearby park. Many shops, ice-cream parlours, bars and restaurants create a special holiday feeling. During the day the beach is the place to be, there are even some rocky areas for divers. Some offshore islands can be seen from the beach creating a charming panoramic view.

What To Do in the Surroundings of Kemer?

The surroundings of Kemer are characterised by Mount Tahtali, the impressive mountain peak of Bey Dağları Mountains situated between Antalya and Finike Bay. It is possible to start climbing tours from Beycik. In 2007 Olympos Teleferik cable car was opened. It leads to the peak at 2366 m above sea level. The Valley Station is situated about 10 km from Tekirova and Çamyuva at the eastern face of Mount Tahtali. At the foot of the mountain tourists find the Lycian Way, a long-distance footpath between Fethiye  and Antalya. Kemer Beach offers a great number of sports activities as well as relaxing programmes. It may come as a surprise, but there is even a ski resort in Saklikent, a village about 200 km from Kemer.  The area is also very attractive for cyclists and mountain bikers, who can choose from a great variety of tours. In February 2018 the Tour of Antalya, a road cycling competition, was held for the first time. Although the weather conditions were not always perfect, the competitors had a very exciting race, even Austrian and German athletes joined this challenging event.