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Number of Lifts in Eben in the Pongau?

In Eben in the Pongau there are 4 lifts.

  • 2 T-bars
  • 2 chairlifts

Kilometres of Pistes in Eben in the Pongau?

Monte Popolo in Eben in the Pongau offers a total of 6 kilometres of pistes of varying levels of difficulty

  • 4 km easy (blue piste)
  • 2 km intermediate (red piste)

Start of season in Eben in the Pongau?

Winter season:

Opening hours: daily 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Summer season: lifts closed



Ski area Monte Popolo - Eben in the Pongau - Ski amade

Tourist Office Eben in the Pongau

Dorfplatz 60

A-5531 Eben

Phone: +43 (0)6458 8194

Snow-Information: +43 (0)6457 2800

Email: info@eben.at

Website: www.eben.at

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