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San Marino

San Marion is a small state in Southern Europe enclaved by Italy, bordering the Rimini province/ Emilia-Romagna and the provinces of Pesaro and Urbino/Marche.

Official language is Italian, and the official currency is EURO although San Marino is not a member of the EU. Other major cities in San Marino are Serravalle and Borgo Maggiore. The rivers Ausa, Fiumicello, San Marino and Marano flow through San Marino.

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The ministate in the heart of Italy

San Marino is one of the six European ministates and is the fifth-smallest state in the world. The border to Italy is just 17km long. San Marino is home to 33,400 people and covers an area of 61.19 km². Its highest peak is Monte Titano at 739m.

What to do in San Marino?

The Republic of San Marino is crossed by the seven-km Monte Titano range from north to south. Its hilly topography, with no flat ground, is part of the Apennine Mountain Range. Monte Titano is a UNESCO World Heritage guarded by the fortresses of GuaitaCesta and Montale. The historic centre of San Marino sits 150m higher than Borgo Maggiore and is surrounded by the town wall dating from the 11th to the 14th century. San Marino is home to many sights such as Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino Basilica, San Pietro Church, San Francesco Church and Teatro Titanio dating from the mid-18th century. Piazza della Libertà in front of Palazzo Pubblico (also the town hall) accommodates Statua della Libertà, a statue of liberty of white Carrara marble.

Numerous castles and fortresses are museums today such as Cesta castle exhibiting historic weapons. Museo di Stato at Palazzo Pergami Belluzzi displays archaeological findings of the region. Costa dell'Arnella walk from San Marino to Borgo Maggiore offers a fantastic view of the region and in good weather to the Adriatic Sea.

Summer in San Marino

San Marino is a great place to spend relaxed summer holidays enjoying delicious food and wine surrounded by the picturesque charm of the region. Culture enthusiasts love the rich history of San Marino dating back to 301 A.D.

Athletes will enjoy the hiking trails such as Percorso della Rupe, starting at Borgo Maggiore. A cable car takes you to Borgo Maggiore. The hills of Apennine Mountains are very popular among mountain bikers who want to explore the region on day tour. 

San Marino does not have a beach but the ones of RiminiPesaroCesenaticoand und Cattolica are not far away and are among the most popular destinations for tourists from AustriaGermany, and Switzerland. From budget to boutique, there's accommodation to suit every taste and budget.

How to get to San Marino

San Marino can be reached by bus, car, train, or plane. Rimini is the closest provincial airport, Bologna about 100 km away is the closest international airport. It is 900km from Vienna to San Marino, 350km from Milan and Rome and 280km from Venice. 

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