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Vienna - Rathaus,

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The Capital City Vienna

Vienna is the capital city and one of the 9 provinces of the Federal Republic of Austria. With approximately 1.68 million inhabitants, Vienna is the most populous city in Austria and the tenth largest city in the European Union. With a surface area of 414.65 square km, Vienna is the smallest province in Austria and also the only one that does not border a neighboring country.

Traffic situation in Vienna

With 34% of all routes in Vienna reserved for public transport, Vienna is at the forefront of European countries. Two-thirds of the routes in Vienna are undertaken on foot and the rest by car. The railway lines, Autobahn highways and express roads run in a star shape from out of the city of Vienna.

Highways include the Westautobahn A1, Südautobahn A2, Ostautobahn A4, the future Nordautobahn A5 and the Donauuferautobahn A22. The Viennese southeastern expressway A23 represents a ring-shaped connection in the south of Vienna between the Südautobahn, the Ostautobahn and the Donauuferautobahn. Because the A23 is heavily frequented, the Viennese outer ring express way S1 was opened to relieve traffic in April 2006. The Vienna Aussenringautobahn A21 provides a connection between the Westautobahn highway and the Südautobahn highway outside the city area.

Fernstrasse and Bundesstrasse roads around Vienna lead to the city center and there connect with all the inner city districts surrounding the Viennese Ringstrasse and the so-called Gürtel (belt).

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