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Webcams nearby Hardegg - Nationalpark Thayatal

Nebelstein  Moorbad Harbach, Pasohlávky

Where is Hardegg - Nationalpark Thayatal?

Hardegg is a town in the district of Hollabrunn in Lower Austria bordering the Czech Republic. The region Waldviertel covers an area of 93.26 km2 and is home to about 1,500 people. Only 79 people live in Hardegg – it is the smallest town in Austria. Hardegg is surrounded by the vast forests of Thayatal National Reserve. Explore this amazing landscape by foot or bike and make a trip across the Thayabrücke to the Czech Republic, this border crossing is open since 1990. It takes only 20 minutes to the neighbouring wine-growing town of Retz, featuring impressive Baroque and Biedermeier buildings.

What´s the Weather like in Hardegg - Nationalpark Thayatal?

Check out our live webcam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend. Enjoy the stunning view of Hardegg castle and the gentle landscape of the Thayatal nature reserve and learn whether the sun is shining or it is raining. Our live web cams also provide information about rooms and hotels available in Hardegg, in the Waldviertel and the northern part of Lower Austria. The region of Hardegg is a great place for nature enthusiasts and offers a wide variety of well-equipped rooms in a quite atmosphere.

[Translate to 01_EN:] Burg Hardegg © NP Thayatal, Ch.Übl
[Translate to 01_EN:] Urlaub im Thayatal © NP Thayatal, Mirau

What´s going on in Hardegg - Nationalpark Thayatal?

Hardegg sits in the heart of Thayatal national reserve and is the ideal place to explore fauna and flora of the region. Waymarked trails lead past botanical rarities and bizarre rock formations. Learn more about the region and its people on guided hikes or on a bicycle tour through the nature reserve.  In the summer take a dip into Hardegg Waldbad, including water sleigh and playground for the little ones. You will be impressed by Hardegg castle towering above the small town. Hardegg Museum provides an insight into the town’s history from the stone ages to modern times. Visit neighbouring Ruegers Palace in Riegersburg and Kaja Castle in Merkersdorf. The Nacre Manufacture in Felling is the right place for lovers of jewellery. Do not miss to visit the nearby wine-growing town Retz for a fine dinner with excellent local wine.

[Translate to 01_EN:] Herbstliches Thayatal © NP Thayatal, D. Manhart
[Translate to 01_EN:] Winter im Thayatal © NP Thayatal, C. Milek

How big is Nationalpark Thayatal?

Thayatal National Reserve covers an area of 1,360 hectare and is the smallest in Austria. Nevertheless, there are not many places where such a diversity of flora and fauna can be found. The river Thaya runs through the region on 26 km, the beautifel valley is sometimes as deep as 150 m. Thayatal national reserve provides information about botanical rarities and the local fauna. The Czech National Reserve Podyjí lies across the river Thaya and can be reached from Hardegg by foot or bike. Families will enjoy the 1.8 km Hennerweg Trail across the nature reserve, offering info about the park and its inhabitants. This hike is suitable for wheelchairs and strollers. Wind up the day at the adventure playground with Frieda and Carlo, the wildcats.