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Webcams nearby Lubbeek

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The city of Lubbeek

The small town of Lubbeek is located in the Belgian province of Flemish Brabant in the north of the country. Nearly 14,000 residents live in the small city, which is just 12 km from Leuven and 40 km from the capital city of Brussels. 

What’s happening in Lubbeek?

Lubbeek is located in the so-called “Green Belt”. This regional name describes the land around Brussels, which is characterized by a large number of parks and gardens. In addition to the 92-acre botanical garden, you can also find the rose garden of Coloma. Over 3,000 different varieties of roses bloom here every spring and summer, depending on the weather. The gardens are not only worth a visit for plant lovers. Take a walk and you will be enchanted by the floral scent and spectacular plant diversity. 

More than 30 breweries around Lubbeek are inviting places for tastings and tours. The Beer Guide “A Toast to Flemish Brabant” provides information on day trips and bike tours, which you can easily combine with a visit to a brewery. The beer guide also provides accommodation tips for those who taste the numerous beers on site. 

Flemish Brabant is very flat and therefore ideal for long bike rides. The perfectly developed cycle path network shows how popular this sport is in Belgium: 1,800 km of paved bike paths wind through this province. The feratel webcam shows the Craywinckelhof – an ideal place for a leisurely stopover. You can view the vastness of the country quite comfortably from above on a hot air balloon ride. There are some providers with whom you can book day trips in hot air balloons in and around Lubbeek.