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Where is Zeebrugge/Zeebrügge?

Zeebrugge is part of the Bruges district of Lissewege located in the Belgium province of West Flanders. It covers an area of 14.7 km² and is home to around 4,000 people.

What is the weather like in Zeebrugge?

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Where do Cruise Ships dock in Zeebrugge?

Apart from the popular ferry crossings to Hull in England, many luxury cruise ships dock in Zeebrugge at Leopold II Dam or Albert II-Dock. Discover the many Flemish cities of culture on a day trip: Bruges, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is only 17 km from Zeebrugge, Ghent 50 km, Brussels and Antwerp are only a 100 km drive from Zeebrugge. 

What to Do in Zeebrugge?

Zeebrugge is not the most famous port in Belgium, but it has the biggest fishing port. Visitors love the traditional fishmonger shops, offering local specialities.  A harbour tour will give you a unique perspective of the area: it starts at the old fishing port, passes Belgium’s only naval basis, container terminals and mighty tower cranes, always in view of wind energy plants and the tower blocks of Knokke-Heist; the tour takes you to the very far end of the port, about four kilometres into the North Sea. About 700.000 passengers use the ferry port per year, travelling from or to Hull and Edinburgh. 

Zeebrugge is a beautiful place for a break at any time of year, with an endless sandy beach for walking, surfing or just relaxing in the sun. Its great infrastructure includes shops, sanitary facilities and, of course, cafes and bars. 

More athletic types will enjoy a bicycle tour along one of the many cycle routes and coastal highways around Zeebrugge, including tours through dunes, country roads and through picturesque Belgium villages.  This is the perfect place to find peace and calm amidst a stunning countryside. 

Zeebrugge and its environs can also be discovered on the back of a horse.