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Village of Cerler

At 1,540 meters above sea level, Cerler, Spain, is the highest village in the Aragonese Pyrenees. The village itself only has about 250 inhabitants and is surrounded by 60 three-thousand meter peaks. The highest mountain in the Pyrenees, the Aneto (3404 m), is also virtually in the neighborhood. This makes the region equally attractive for summer and winter tourism.

The historic center of Cerler has been lovingly restored, with some of the houses dating from the 16th Century. Despite a strong tourism base, Cerler has retained the charm of a Pyrenean village. This may well be attributed to the fact that there was not even a road to the village until the mid-20th Century. Goods and people had to be transported by foot or by mule. Of course, today the roads are well developed.

But Cerler is not only a charming village in the mountains but a valley station for the Aramón-Cerler ski area, the highest and third biggest resort in the Pyrenees. The ski lifts and runs spread across two valleys. But another superlative applies to the ski resort: it has the slope with the greatest difference in height between the start and end points, amounting to an incredible 1,130 meters.

What’s happening in Cerler?

The nightlife in Cerler is somewhat quiet and is limited to the hotels in the village. Thus it is perfect for people who want some peace and quiet after a full day of skiing. The nearest big town is Benasque. Here you will find restaurants and bars, along with shops and supermarkets.