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Where is Beringen?

The municipality Beringen is located in the Belgium province of Limburg/Flanders. The community is home to 46,065 people. The region has a rich coal mining past and after the last mine had closed small industrial and manufacturing businesses developed. Today, tourism is a significant economic factor, especially along the Albert Canal. Movement of goods by water has always been important.

What’s the weather like in Beringen?

In Beringen, due to the temperate oceanic climate, the winters are very mild, while the summers are cool and rainy. Check out our live webcam for the current weather in Beringen with its forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend.

What to do in Beringen?

The Beringen mine site contains 100 000 m² of existing buildings. This makes it the largest industrial heritage site in Flanders and unique in Europe. Of all the mine sites in Limburg, this is the only site where the industrial heart of the mine has been preserved. The mine site is located in the suburban area of the third largest city in Limburg, and at the foot of two hills. Now called be-MINE it has been given a new use as a tourist-recreational project. Urban functions like living, working and shopping are interwoven in a balanced manner. The master plan for the reallocation of 32 hectares of mining ground gives the historic location a dignified, valuable and contemporary interpretation. Numerous museums and exhibition provide detailed information about the region’s history.

Where to dive in Belgium?

TODI diving centre is one of the top attractions in Beringen. The diving experience includes heated indoor pool with a diameter of 36m, a depth of ten meters and a volume of 6,200,000 litres of water. It is home to 1,500 tropical freshwater fish.

Whether diving or snorkelling, this diving centre is an experience for the whole family. But you don’t have to get into the water to watch the great variety of fish through the big windows.

Visitors also love the restaurant below the diving pool.

What’s going on in Beringen?

Not only the water provides impressive insights in the local fauna and flora, also the Adventure Mountain offers great leisure opportunities. Next to Sporenpark there is a trail leading to the foot of the Adventure Mountain. Then, various paths of various degrees of difficulty take you up the mountain: walks, steps, via ferratas, climbing constructions. Information boards along the way explain the history of the terrain and the Limburg coal mines. The Adventure mountain may also be explored by mountain bike on specially constructed trails and paths. The MTB-trail connects to the cycle paths, which will be developed into one of the biggest networks of cycle trails in the future.