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Tarvisio (Tarvis, Trbiz) is situated in the Canal Valley of the Italian region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The region has been shaped by centuries of coexistence of Italians, Germans and Slovenes. Tarviso’s roots date back to Roman times. The Diocese of Bamberg owned Tarvisio for more than 700 years from 1002. Until 1918 the town belonged to the Habsburg Empire, since then it has been part of Italy. Situated along the old commercial route from Venice to Vienna, Tarvisio has always been an important centre of commerce, mining and military.

Today the community of Tarvisio comprises Camporosso, Cave del Predil, Fusine in Valromana, Coccau and Rutte. The town is home to about 4,500 people. Tourism is the most important branch of business: in the summer the mighty mountains of the Carnic and Julian Alps attract many hikers and climbers. In the winter Sella Nevea Ski Resort (1,190m) is very popular among skiers and boarders alike. Feel the thrill of Alaska and attend one of the courses offered by the International Mushing-dog Sledding School. Tarvisio also has a ski jump.

Things to Do in Tarvisio

Until Austria joined the EU, Austrians visited Tarvisio for shopping tours. Today it is only crowded on weekends. Madonna of Lussari is definitely worth visiting. It is a popular place of pilgrimage and the legend has it that the sanctuary was built on the place where the Madonna appeared. Enjoy the breathtaking view to Montasio and Jôf Fuart Mountain.