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The town of Monínec

Monínec is located 70 km south of Prague in the district of Středočeský kraj, and at a height of 718 meters it is the highest elevation in the Prague Bohemian Forest.

What’s happening in Monínec?

Relaxation and fun are the focus in the sports and relaxation center of Monínec. The ski area is easily accessible in winter by public bus from Prague. The slopes are perfectly suited for families and children. Night skiers can look forward to the longest lighted ski run in the Czech Republic. Around Monínec, cross-country skiers can find an extensive trail network. The live webcam in the ski area of Monínec provides the current weather information.

Mountain bikers can get an adrenaline kick in summer at the newly opened bike park. A variety of hiking trails invite you to explore the beautiful countryside on foot. There are two golf courses in the immediate vicinity of Monínec.