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Where is Krušetnica?

The small village Krušetnica is located in the extreme north of Slovakia. Some 960 inhabitants live there on an area of about 17 km². Only 15 kilometers away is the town of Námestovo. The location of Krušetnica in the mountainous Podbeskydská vrchovina, at the confluence of the river Biela Orava and the Klinianka brook is very picturesque. The landscape is mountainous with wide ridges intersected by deep river valleys. Steep, partly deforested slopes are also characteristic. The center of the village is situated at an altitude of 656 meters above sea level. Due to its high elevation in the mountains, this Slovak village is predestined for those who like skiing and snowboarding.

Skiing in the ski resort Krušetnica?

The small, fine ski resort carrying the same name has a total of 1.2 kilometers of slopes and two ski lifts. The slopes offer ideal conditions for beginners as well as for families with children, and enable them to quickly learn skiing and snowboarding. The slopes are illuminated in the evening - night skiing thus becomes a special highlight of the skiing vacation. The hotel “Pension Pohoda” is directly in the ski resort and the owners are also the operators of the two ski lifts. Due to its location, this ski resort offers tranquility and variety at the same time and is therefore perfect for a relaxing ski vacation in Slovakia.

What else can you do in the region?

Not far from Krušetnica is the Orava reservoir, where vacationers can go ice skating in the winter and camping, golfing and of course swimming or boating in the summer. Slanicky ostrov today is a museum island and can only be reached by boat. A visit is definitely worthwhile: The well preserved church is a popular destination in Slovakia. The open-air museum in Zuberec shows village life in the past centuries and ntertains with numerous events especially children and families. Vacationers should also definitely stop by the castle in Orava.

What is the weather like in Krušetnica?

The climate of the small village in Slovakia is rather continental. This means that summers are warm rather than hot and winters are cold and snowy. Of course, this is to the advantage of the ski resorts in the region: they can regularly score points with fresh natural snow and perfect slope conditions and offer visitors a unique skiing and snowboarding experience.

If you want to see the current weather in the ski resort and in this small community in Slovakia, watch our live webcams on site!