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Webcams nearby Oravská Lesná - Orava Snow

Where is Oravská Lesná?

The peaceful village is situated in the district of Námestovo in the very north of Slovakia. It borders Poland to the north and the Čadca and Žilina districts to the west. This Slovak village delights mainly with its picturesque natural landscapes and excellent conditions for skiing in winter. In the village you will find two places for accommodation with restaurants and bars. The village consists of several settlements and is situated on the river Biela Orava. Founded as a logging settlement, felled timber was transported in the past across the Beskid Mountains to the west to Oščadnica. Today, the site is known mainly for its modern productions in the field of electronics.

Skiing in Slovakia - Orava Snow Ski Resort in Oravská Lesná

Especially because of its location in the far north, the region is considered the coldest valley in Slovakia, which means that there is a lot of natural snow in winter. Oravská Lesná is home to the popular Orava Snow ski resort. The Slovak ski resort impresses with six large well-prepared slopes leading down to the valley on both sides of the mountain, as well as modern chairlifts and ski lifts. A total of 7.6 kilometers of slopes await avid skiers and snowboarders at Orava Snow. In addition, free parking is available for visitors. Due to the nature of the slopes, it is the ideal ski resort for families. Directly in Orava Snow there are accommodations, a ski school for children and ski rental with ski service. So nothing stands in the way of a comfortable skiing vacation in beautiful Slovakia.

How do I get to Orava Snow in Slovakia?

From Austria with starting point in Vienna it is about 330 kilometers to Orava Snow, and the driving time is about four hours. From Passau in Germany to the ski resort is about 600 kilometers and about seven hours of driving. From the center of the town to the ski resort it is 15 minutes by car via Route 520. Alternatively, Route 2281 also leads to the destination.

Sightseeing in Oravská Lesná

In addition to the popular ski resort, this village in the north offers other tourist highlights that are worth a visit. The Orava Forest Railroad is unique in the world and used to serve as a means of transport for felled timber. Today it is still 11 km long and belongs to the Orava Museum. For tourists, rides on the classic steam train GONTKULÁK are offered. Those who want to enjoy the nature in the region can visit the forest nature trail of the village. Visitors can learn there about forestry, natural sciences, nature conservation and history. The trail offers three routes with different lengths.

What is the weather like in Oravská Lesná?

In Slovakia, the village is known as the cold pole of the country. In winter, the temperatures in the village and Orava Snow can drop down to -35° C with snow depths of over two meters common in the region. For the ski resort, this means perfect conditions for skiing. In general, the weather in Slovakia is rather temperate continental. In winter, the cold of Russia influences the weather conditions.