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Veľký Meder – Enjoy total relaxation in the hot springs

The city of Veľký Meder is located in the southwest of Slovakia at 112 meters. Before the First World War, the city was part of the Kingdom of Hungary. This historical background is still evident today with the majority of the 9,000 inhabitants comprised of ethnic Hungarians.

For more than 900 years, the beneficial effects of hot springs water has been used and appreciated in the spa. In 1974 the first hot springs pool was built, the Thermal Corvinus. The inside includes hot pools between 30 ° C and 37 ° C for swimming, and seating to relax and unwind. Or you can pleasantly loosen up your muscle tension in a hydro-massage.

Smaller guests can splash around in the warm water in a special children’s pool or slide down the “water castle”. Action is also offered in the outdoor area: the kamikaze slides and spiral into the Italian pool can get your adrenaline levels going. Or you can sweat when swimming the crawl in the 28 ° C cold-water sports pool. A trip to the sauna world completes the relaxing experience. The feratel webcam shows you live what is happening in the hot springs.