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Webcams nearby Eisenstadt - Esterházy Palace

Frauenkirchen, Gols, Podersdorf - Neusiedler See, Vienna

Where is Eisenstadt - Esterházy Palace?

Eisenstadt is the state capital of the Austrian province of Burgenland. It is home to about 14,800 people and the smallest of the Austrian state capitals. Eisenstadt lies on the Wulka Plain north of the Leitha Mountains. The highest peak of the Leitha Mountains is 400 m, Eisenstadt lies at 180 m.a.sl.. Grapes, apricots, peaches and almonds grow on the hillsides of the mountains. The mild climate, the sunny weather and the south-facing hillsides are perfect for winegrowing. The city of Eisenstadt is surrounded by picturesque vineyards.

Esterházy Palace © Bernhard Helminger
Haydn Church Eisenstadt © Andreas Hafenscher

How is the weather in Eisenstadt?

Check out our live webcam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend. Get first impressions of Esterházy Palace. Our live webcams also provide information about the Burgenland weather and available hotels and accommodations close to Lake Neusiedl.

What to do in Eisenstadt?

When planning a trip to Burgenland include the old town of Eisenstadt. This charming town is a great place to be for families, Esterházy Palace, Forchtenstein Castle, and Lackenbach Palace offer various events for children. Lake Neusiedl is only 15km from the city and a great destination for a summer day trip. Have a look at our Podersdorf webcam for a fantastic day at the lake. The region boasts ideal conditions for hiking, jogging, mountain biking and race cycling. Visitors from all over the world will not be disappointed by this charming region.