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The Community of Mitterbach

Mitterbach is situated at 789 m above sea level in the province of Lower Austria. The community has 595 inhabitants and covers an area of 67,28 km².

Places to See in Mitterbach

Mitterbach is located in the southern Mostviertel bordering Styria. The border runs along the river Erlauf dividing the place into a Lower Austrian and a Styrian part. Mitterbach is close to several sights and attractions, such as the Basilica in Mariazell, the ‘Eisenstraße’, the Gusswerk Mining Museum or the Mariazell Train.

Lake Erlauf is also part of the border between Styria and Lower Austria. It offers water fun for everyone – diving, surfing, fishing and boat rental. Along Lake Erlauf there is a theme hiking trail, ‘the Water Trail’, describing the local fish habitat. Mitterbach is also starting point for many hiking tours through the Nature Reserve of Ötscher Tormäuer. One of the real highlights is the tour along Lake Erlach leading from Mitterbach to Hagengut and then to the canyons of the Ötschergräben. From there it is possible to hike up to ‘Gemeindealpe’ or Ötscher Mountain. The Gemeindealpe summit at 1.626 mt offers a fantastic view over the surrounding countryside. At mid-station the new scooter road starts, where you can zoom down to the valley on monster scooters. Gemeindealpe is the only mountain of the Alpine foothills where para-gliders and hang-gliders reach the start by chair-lift.

Winter tourists in Mitterbach enjoy the Gemeindealpe skiing area offering 6 ski-runs suitable for experts as well as families and children. Lake Erlauf in winter is lots of fun for skaters and a 14km cross-country track runs through forests and plateaus with view to Gemeindealpe and Ötscher.