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Webcams nearby Gamlitz

Where is Gamlitz?

The Austrian market town of Gamlitz is located in the south of Styria in the Leibnitz district. To the south it borders Slovenia, the city of Maribor is only 30km away. Gamlitz covers an area of 36.81 km² and is home to around 3,200 people. Tourists from Germany, Switzerland and Italy love to visit the beautiful south of Styria. The region is famous for its excellent wine and the South Styrian Wine Road from Spielfeld to Leutschach passes Gamlitz.

How is the weather in Gamlitz?

The south of Styria enjoys a very moderate and mild climate. Hot and pleasant summers and autumns make the grapes sweet and the tourists happy. In the winter temperatures may be below zero. Check out our live webcam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend. Our live webcams also provide stunning views and insights of the south of Styria.

Things to do in Gamlitz?

The southern region of Styria offers a wide array of leisure activities suitable for families as well as nature and sports enthusiasts. The famous hilly landscape at the border to Slovenia is a true hiker’s paradise, featuring trails and paths of varying difficulty. The 377 km south route of the long distance trail “From the Glacier to the Wine” passes Gamlitz and Leibnitz. Cyclists enjoy the diverse net of biking trails winding through peaceful vineyards. In the summer visit one of the free bathing ponds. In the winter and in cooler weather stroll through this stunning scenery and recharge your batteries! Do not miss Gamlitz Motorikpark, featuring 41 stations with various obstacles and challenges waiting to be mastered. The individual stations include various degrees of difficulty and supports and activates the entire body.

What´s going on in Gamlitz?

Gamlitz is worth visiting any time of the year. There is always something going on in the south of Styria! In spring when nature awakes, the first wine tastings take place. In summer, the grapes thrive, and grape harvesting is getting closer. In autumn, the grapes can finally be gathered and the first “Sturm“, also known as “Federweißer” can be tasted. The young and very sweet wine is traditionally enjoyed together with roasted sweet chestnuts. Sturm is only available in autumn. When the trees have lost the last leaves, it is the time for ice-skating, cross-country skiing, Bavarian curling, or hiking.

Vineyards in Gamlitz

The region’s mild climate makes it perfect for winegrowing. Styria is famous for its great taste in wine and food. At every wine tavern, bar, or hotel you are not only greeted with hospitality but also with local and international delicacies. The active soil and the perfect weather conditions produce aromatic grapes year after year, becoming top-class wines known worldwide. Are you looking for the best vineyard in Gamlitz? You will find the wine you like best at a wine tasting at one of the wine taverns along the wine road, at markets, events or right at the winegrowers’. Traditional wine taverns are only allowed to serve pastries, cold dishes, and beverages, but they are also known for its authenticity and informality. You want to learn more about this region? Have a look at our live webcams!

How far is it from Vienna to Gamlitz?

The Austrian capital Vienna is about 250km north-east of Gamlitz and can be reached within 2 1/2 hours by car. Arriving from Vienna, you first pass the Styrian capital of Graz, from there it is only another 50 km to Gamlitz. Tourists visiting from Switzerland, Germany or other European countries can take the plane to Graz Airport and then travel to Gamlitz. Enjoy relaxing holidays in Styria!