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Surcuolm - Piz Mundaun

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The Community of Surcuolm

Surcuolm is situated at 1.346 m above sea level in the canton of Grisons. The community has 107 inhabitants and covers an area of 6,47 km².

Obersaxen-Mundaun-Lumnezia the 4-peak-experience

The ski resort Obersaxen-Mundaun-Lumnezia has a lot to offer. Skiing down the 120 km slopes, hike 135 km of hiking trails along or sledding down the 37.2 km toboggan. If you get hungry, there are 20 catering establishments in the ski resort available. The ski resort is great for families. The 3 ski schools in the ski resort are teaching your kids how to ski- and snowboard with funny games and jokes. At bad weather days, the children could have fun in the playroom of the Rufalipark. The snowpark in Mundauns is perfect for adolescents. Kickers, rails / slides, boxes, everything is available.

Top Event of the ski area

As I said, the ski resort Obersaxen-Mundaun-Lumnezia is qualified for families, therefore, the top event is a family event. The Rivella Family Contest. The whole family is having a race together. The fastest family has won. A great family trip with brilliant experience.

What's going on in the ski area?

There are every weekends parties on or in various bars right at the slopes. Each party has its own motto. You’re not in the mood for skiing? Sit down in a bar, enjoy the sun, watch and listen to the gigs of a wide variety of live bands. You will never be bored.

Hiking paradise Obersaxen-Mundaun & Val Lumnezia

Even in summer three of the mountain railways in Obersaxen-Mundaun-Lumnezia are open. With the railways up to the mountain, walk down to a restaurant and the ones who doesn’t like anymore are getting picked up from the hiking bus and brought back to the village. The lake at the Rufalipark and the lake in Davos Munts are exactly right for a cooling down.