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The City of Basel

Basel is situated in the north of Switzerland, at 244.75 metres AMSL and borders on France and Germany. The result of this extraordinary location is a city, along with its approx. 190 000 inhabitants, that is distinctly open-minded and innovative.

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Cultural capital of Switzerland

Basel enjoys the reputation of being the cultural capital of Switzerland for a reason; art is omnipresent wherever you go, be it on a leisurely stroll through the beautiful old town or on a visit to one of the close to forty museums. The numerous first-rate events taking place every year, mark Basel's renown as a cultural hotspot. Furthermore, Basel's old town is one of the most beautiful and least impaired in all of Europe. Nevertheless, the city is also willing to embrace new things. In this manner the last few decades have seen it develop into a true metropolis for architecture.

Basel is also a city for savoir-vivre, the location at the tri-border area has a tradition of enabling their cooks to look over the rim of their tea cup. In other ways, too, Basel locals enjoy the good things in life, they thus spend many an hour on the river Rhine, which is marked by a Mediterranean atmosphere, especially in summer.