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Webcams nearby Büchlberg

Where is Büchlberg?

The municipality of Büchlberg is located in the Bavarian district of Passau/Germany. It is home to 4,110 people. Only a few kilometres away you find the towns of Passau, Freyung, Hauzenberg and Waldkirchen.

Ilztal valley and Dreiburgenland Region

The region boasts lush forests, green hills and pastures, wonderful lakes and steep granite walls. The 68 km long river Iltz, also called ’the black pearl’ for its colour, meanders through the region.

Holiday destinations in Ilztal and Dreiburgenland are: Büchlberg, Aicha vorm Wald, Eging am See, Eppenschlag, Fürsteneck, Fürstenstein, Hutthurm, Innernzell, Neukirchen vorm Wald, Perlesreut, Ringelai, Röhrnbach, Ruderting, Saldenburg, Salzweg, Thurmansbang, Tiefenbach, Tittling and Witzmannsberg.

Dreiburgenland is hilly and densely wooded. Its name derives from the three castles Fürstenstein, Englburg and Saldenburg.


Discover the region – together with your family – on a hiking tour: Ilztal trail runs through light-flooded valleys, deep gorges, and past rock formations. This trail is also suitable for families and can be explored in various sections or on loop trails. Passages are at Dießensteiner Mühle, Schneidermühle, Schrottenbaummühle, Kalteneck, Fischhaus and Oberilzmühle.

Long distance trails are: Goldsteg, the European Pilgrims‘ way Via Nova and the European E8 long distance trail.

More to discover in the Ilztal and Dreiburgenland region

Ilztal and Dreiburgenland and its Lower Bavarian charm are the ideal destination especially for families. There are many destinations, activities, museums, events and more to discover. Visit Tittling and the Bavarian Forest Museum, Ilzstausee Oberilzmühle on a hot summer’s day, "Gabreta" archaeology and adventure park or Pullman City in Eging am See. Take a bicycle tour along the Danube-Ilz-trail, visit Büchlberg outdoor swimming pool or Fürstenstein castle, Englburg castle and Saldenburg castle.

Büchlberg Health Resort and Dreiburgenland

Büchlberg is an official health resort. One recommended hike in Büchlberg is "Büchlberg eight" featuring eight stations that have to be passed. Start is at Findling-Brunnen (fire brigade parking), then to the old cemetery with the granite monuments, the Kerber-Hall, the Stoahauer museum, the lookout at Bergholz, the outdoor gym, the quarry and finally the townhall.

25m Büchlberg lookout boasts an impressive view from the Alps to the Dachstein Mountains and the Bavarian Forest. Check out our live webcam and get a taste of the region’s beauty.

The quarry lake, nature reserve since the 1980s, is right next to the lookout. After the closing of the quarry, the quarry filled with water and became an impressive sanctuary for all kinds of wildlife. The lake is twelve metre deep and is surrounded by steep rock formations.

The weather in Ilztal and Dreiburgenland

June to September is the best time to visit this region as temperatures are pleasant and there is hardly any rain. The region enjoys a continental climate, July being the hottest month of the year with about 24°C and January the coldest with an average of 1°C.

Check out our live webcam at Büchlberg for the current weather and the weather to come.