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Where is Langeoog?

Langeoog is an East Frisian island located off the coast of the province of Lower Saxony in the north-west of Germany. Surrounded by the islands of Norderney, Spieleroog and Baltrum, Langeoog is part of Wadden Sea UNESCO World Heritage Site. The North Sea created a natural 14km sandy beach and the winds shaped a unique dune landscape.  

What's the weather in Langeoog?

Light breeze or heavy gale – clouds disappear just as fast as they came considering that the region has more than 1,5000 hours of sun. Hard to believe but true: when it’s raining on the mainland, the sun is shining in Langeoog.  Are you planning to spend your holidays in Langeoog? Have a look at Langeoog webcam and the weather forecast for the next few days. 

What are the Must-Sees in Langeoog?

Langeoog is regarded as one of the most beautiful of the East Frisian Islands and offers everything holiday-makers could wish for. This car-free island with North Sea climate is perfect to spend exciting holidays.

The island is not only a paradise for all the ones looking for recreation, for athletes, families and singles but also for nature-lover and all those interested in culture. Explore the island’s beauty by foot, bicycle or on the back of a horse. “Flinthörn” and “Osterhook” nature trails provide useful information about the region’s fauna and flora.  On the way to the east end of the island (overlooking seals and the neighbouring island of Spiekeroog) you pass the bird observatory, providing detailed insights into the biodiversity of bird life. A mudflat hiking tour (only with a certified guide) is always a special experience and makes a look below the surface possible. Nature can also be explored on the sea, e.g. on a boat ride to the home of the seals

Langeoog is a very charming place to visit also in the winter. Explore the island during the “other” time of the year. Take a stroll in the clear winter sun along solitary beaches and frosted dunes. And then there is still enough time to have a cup of East Frisian tea or sea buckthorn grog at one of the cafés or bar-restaurants. 

What to do in Langeoog?

Especially for children the car-free island has a lot more to offer than just swimming in the sea and playing on the beach:  creative drawing courses with Quadratologo, LEGO® workshops, puppet theatre or adventure playgrounds. Sports is big in Langeoog:  how about some beach soccer? -or a sailing or surfing lesson? A ride with the ferry to the mainland is a very nice day trip. The small fishing village of Neuharlingersiel and its beautiful port welcomes visitors with northern charm. 

Swimming is possible throughout the year since a visit to the sea water swimming pool is included in the local tax (length depending on season). A real experience is the big wave pool.  The little ones have a separate area just for them and their parents, where children from five years can also learn how to swim.