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Webcams nearby Tegernsee

The Community of Tegernsee

Tegernsee is situated at 747 m above sea level in the province of Bavaria. The community has 3.956 inhabitants and covers an area of 22,77 km²

Summer at the lake Tegernsee
Hiking around the lake Tegernsee

How is the weather at lake Tegernsee?

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The Lake Tegernsee Region

Did you know that Lake Tegernsee is one of the most stunning holiday destinations in all of Germany? Located in the heart of mainland Europe, close to such inspiring historical cities as Munich and Salzburg and yet sheltered by the majestic Alps, the Tegernsee holiday region simply waits to be discovered. Here, impressive mountain peaks, lush woodlands and the tranquil lake shore allow you to unwind and recharge. Enjoy the gemutlichkeit of a real beer garden experience, sit with the locals and savour regional beers.

Or you might prefer to indulge in the wellness kick and aromatic scent of a traditional hay bath. Find yourself in the midst of all you could possibly wish for: perfect relaxation, a fantastic range of leisure activities and the discovery of a culture that is renowned in the world for its charm and warm-heartedness.

Sunshine Central

There is no better place to recover from grey winters and bad weather spells than the pre-Alpine region! Blessed with the greatest number of sunny days in all of Germany, the Tegernsee Valley profits from warm fall winds from Italy and will treat you to some magnificent blue skies and lake sunsets. Both, heavy snowfall in winter and balmy summer evenings under a star-speckled sky make sure our visitors keep coming back not matter what the season.

The broad Tegernsee Valley is located 50 km south of Munich and spans about 25 sunny kilometres, including the five scenic towns of Bad Wiessee, Gmund, Kreuth, Rottach-Egern and Tegernsee town. Their altitude above sea level ranges around 800 m. Alpine peaks of up to 2,000 m tower at the south end of the valley and mark the nearby Austrian border - it only takes 3 hours to get to Italy on the Brenner Pass. Understanding the most amazing feature of the valley only takes one deep breath upon arrival: pure air. Because of the region’s certified healthly climate, most of the surrounding villages have been rated as official spa towns.

Moreover, Lake Tegernsee is one of the cleanest bodies of water in all of Germany. Fed by crystal clear mountain streams and populated by various regional fish breeds – you can safely drink its waters!