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The Community of Pottenstein

Pottenstein is situated at 368 m above sea level in the province of Bavaria. The community has 5.476 inhabitants and covers an area of 73,24 km².

Where is Pottenstein?

The German town of Pottenstein belongs to the Bayreuth district, Upper Franconia/Bavaria. This holiday region known as Franconian Switzerland is very popular among tourists from Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. The region is famous for its many historic castles and palaces, such as Pottenstein Castle built from 1057 to 1070 and one of the oldest buildings in the Franconian Switzerland. Our live webcam at Pottenstein shows Bayreuth landscape and Pottenstein Alpine slide

[Translate to 01_EN:] Sommer in Pottenstein ©Tourismusbüro Pottenstein
[Translate to 01_EN:] Burg Pottenstein ©Tourismusbüro Pottenstein

How many people live in Pottenstein?

Pottenstein covers an area of 73.29 km² and is home to 5,200 people. The town centre of Pottenstein sits at 368 m a.s.l. surrounded by the hilly countryside of Upper Franconia.

How is the weather in Pottenstein?

Bayreuth District enjoys a moderate climate with precipitation and rain throughout the year. The summer is warm, even hot, while the winter is cold with occasional snowfall and temperatures below 0°C. Check out our live webcam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend.

What to do in Pottenstein?

Upper Franconia is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the south of Germany. Pottenstein offers a wide range of activities to be exercised in any weather: Alpine slide, many museums, hiking trails and bicycle tours through the Upper Franconian countryside, Bavarian inns, and breweries.

[Translate to 01_EN:] Lichterfest in Pottenstein ©Tourismusbüro Pottenstein
[Translate to 01_EN:] Winter in Pottenstein ©Tourismusbüro Pottenstein

The Alpine Slide at Pottenstein Adventure Park

The Alpine slide at Pottenstein Adventure Park is not only fun for the little ones. It features four different types of slide! The park also includes a high rope garden, trampolines and a 130m outlook bridge. Pottenstein Adventure Park boasts a comfortable restaurant with big terrace offering traditional Bavarian delicacies. Do you want to know more about Pottstein Alpine Slide? Have a look at our live webcams!