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Webcams nearby Pertisau - Achensee

The Community of Pertisau

Pertisau is situated at 940 m above sea level in the province of Tyrol. The community has 596 inhabitants and covers an area of 58,38 km².

Pertisau is home to many leading spa hotels due largely to Tyrolean stone oil, a healing natural product that can be found in the Bächen Valley/Karwendel Mountains. Around noon every day the Ave Maria hymn can be heard in the whole village and remembers the days when Pertisau did not have any bells.

Pertisau is the main landing place for the Achensee steam boats, which have been cruising between Achenkirch, Maurach, and Pertisau since 1887.  Every day the lake comes alive with the bright sails of the windsurfers and the sailing boats. But there are many other outdoor opportunities: fishing, tennis, running, Nordic walking and lots more.