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Where is Rossau Swimming Lake?

Rossau swimming lake also called Baggersee - excavated lake - (575 m ASL) is located at the eastern outskirts of Innsbruck in the Austrian province of Tyrol. The very popular recreational area is close to the river Inn, the lake has a surface of 3,6 ha and was excavated – this is how it got its name.

What's going on at the Rossau Swimming Lake?

It only takes some minutes to get form the Golden Roof to this wonderful nature park. When the weather is hot in the summer the swimming lake is a refreshing getaway. Feel free to relax at the nice shady area around the lake and enjoy the calming view of lush trees and the impressive alpine scenery. But there is also a lot of fun and action: special areas for beach volleyball, badminton, basket ball, street ball, table tennis, chess and boccie. Even competitions such as triathlons take place. Some visitors come with their own inflatable boats and get to the small island.

The lake is also very attractive for families. The little ones enjoy swimming, splashing and have lots of fun on the water slide in their own area including a wonderful playground. There is also a special mother-child area.

In autumn the lake attracts surfers. In winter locals and tourists like skating on the frozen surface of the lake.

Use the live webcam to see the area and the current weather at Rossau Swimming Lake.

Restaurants at the Swimming Lake - Bar & Restaurant deck47

The restaurant at the swimming lake is an architectural highlight featuring a covered terrace with a view of the lake. Come here to relax and enjoy your meal. The chef offers a wide range of paste, pizze and lunch specials. The terrace is also open in the winter where skaters come to warm up.

Important Facts at a Glance

Maximum water temperature in summer is about 24 °C.

  • Opening hours: from May to June 9 am to 6 pm.
  • Water depth: 14 meters
  • Parking is free, but there is an entrance fee.
  • You can get there on public transport
  • Dogs are not allowed at the area.

You find several public pools such as Tivoli in the surroundings, in bad weather check out the public indoor pools of Innsbruck.