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Schillig - Nordsee, Horumersiel - Nordsee, Norden-Norddeich, Langeoog, Butjadingen - Nordsee

Where is Hooksiel?

The North Sea spa resort of Hooksiel is located northwest of Wilhelmshaven. It is part of the Friesland borough of Wangerland, which includes Schilling, Hoorumersiel and Hooksiel. It is one of the biggest holiday destinations at the Lower Saxon North Sea. Hooksiel is home to around 2150 people and includes a 3.5 km beach along the Wadden Sea, which is a World Heritage Site.

The town of Hooksiel was first mentioned in documents in the Middle Ages, later it served as harbour of the city of Jever, the place where the beer is tastier. Today, tourism is the main source of income.

In the village centre you find many listed buildings, including warehouses at the “Old Harbour”.

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How is the weather in Hooksiel?

It is never really cold in Hooksiel. Even in the winter, temperatures are rarely below freezing and the highs in July are about 17°C. February is the driest month of the year, while July and August are the wettest. But as long as you have your oilskin with you, you are all set for beautiful and relaxing walks along the beach.

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What's going on at Hooksiel?

Due to land reclamation measures a huge leisure area with harness racing track, tennis courts, bridle paths and hiking trails was created in 1971.

Hooksiel Racing Days take place in July and August. Highlight and also the last racing day of the series is the Family Day. On this day the horse races are completed by a varied entertainment programme. The water ski lift is also very unique: 10 people at a time can water ski along a distance of 830 m. Of course, all different types of water sport are offered: sailing, surfing … The region with its vast beaches is a true spa paradise; relaxation can also be found at the golf course close by.

In case there is really bad weather, there is always the seawater indoor swimming pool or the Artist’s House, where contemporary artists live and work for a certain length of time and exhibit pieces of art. Worth visiting is also the former Town Hall, now home to the Conch Museum.