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Webcams nearby Nohfelden-Bosen

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Where is Nohfelden?

The municipality of Nohfelden is located in the German state of Saarland/ St. Wendel district. In 1974 13 formerly independent municipalities formed today’s municipal territory. Nohfelden covers an area of 100.71 km² and is home to 9,900 people. Nohfelden is part of 2055 km² Saar-Hunsrück Nature Reserve belonging to the German states of Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland. About 100 km² of the area form Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park opened in 2015.

How large is the Bostalsee?

Bostalsee Lake is the biggest artificially created lake in the southwest of Germany and covers a surface of 1.2 km². Water volume amounts to eight million m³, maximum depth is 18 metres. This picturesque lake sits at the heart of Saar-Hunsrück Nature park close to Bosen, Eckelhausen, Gonnesweiler and Neunkirchen-Nahe. The streams Bos and Dämelbach feed Bostalsee Lake, the dam is 500m long, but only little of the waterpower is used. Bostalsee Lake is primarily a local recreation area and leisure centre.

How is the weather in Nohfelden?

Nohfelden enjoys a temperate climate with cold winters and hot summers. Rain is possible all year round, the area hardly sees any snow. Bostalsee Lake is perfect for swimming and sunbathing on hot summer days. Check out our live web cam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend in Nohfelden. Learn whether the sun is shining, or it is raining. Our on-site live web cam provides views of the area and the lake.

What to do in Nohfelden?

There is a lot to discover in the northern part of Saarland offering great programmes for families, outdoor enthusiasts, and culture lovers. Bostalsee Art and Culture Centre features courses and trainings for children and adults. The rooms of the Arts Centre also stage concerts, plays and exhibitions. Nohfelden Museum is the only museum in Saarland that focusses on fashion and traditional costumes. About 200 exhibits dating from 1845 to 1920 are on display. Gonnesweiler is home to a beautiful English landscape garden. A loop road leads through the park past Nepomuk Chapel, it is also suitable for strollers. Amateur astronomers should not miss to visit the observatory at 584m Petersberg. Buchwald boasts numerous trails and routes for hikers and cyclists. In the winter, the Nohfelden indoor activities offer includes miniature golfing and bowling. Visitors from both Germany and Europe enjoy the wide array of offers in the winter such as winter hiking and ice skating.

What´s going on at the Bostalsee in summer?

Bostalsee Lake is the heart of Nohfelden, being the place where most of the outdoor activities take place in the summer: sunbathing, swimming, sailing, surfing, angling, rowing, diving, pedal boat riding and lots more. Joggers enjoy the seven km trail around the lake. Bostalsee Golf park is only five km from the lake in Eisen and features driving range and three public areas. The spacious area of the golf course includes ponds, streams, and perfect greens. You find many hotels, apartments and B&Bs close to Bostalsee Lake! Do you want to see more of Bostalsee Lake? Have a look at our live web cam!