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Where is the town of Oberwiesenthal?

Oberwiesenthal is located in the German state of Saxony near the Czech border. At 914 m a.s.l, it is the highest town in Germany and lies in a valley surrounded by the highest mountains of Ore Mountains: 1.215 m Fichtelberg, also the highest mountain in East Germany, and 244 m Klínovec. The town covers an area of 39,98 km² and is home to around 3.000 residents.

How is the weather like in Oberwiesenthal?

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Things to do in Oberwiesenthal

The official health and winter ski resort of Oberwiesenthal registers the most overnight stays in the Ore Mountains. Together with Boží Dar, Jáchymov and Loučná pod Klínovcem, Oberwiesenthal is one of the most snow-reliable areas of the German Mittelgebirge.

Winter in Oberwiesenthal

Competitive sports, such as ski jumping, luge and Nordic combined play a big role in Oberwiesenthal. The town features the Fichtelberg ski jump and a cross-country skiing and biathlon centre; it is an interesting venue for international competitions. Hobby athletes find ideal conditions at Saxony’s biggest ski resorts offering a total of 15 km of ski trails. Cross-country skiers will enjoy the 75 km of runs and trails. The winter offer is completed by 20 km of winter hiking trails and two toboggan runs.

Summer in Oberwiesenthal

Oberwiesenthal is known for its new types of sports, such as summer tubing in huge floating tires or riding down the highest mountain in Saxony on monster rollers. Bikers from all of Germany regularly meet at Fichtelberg Mountain and attract many people who are eager to have a look at the Harleys. Fichtelberg cable car is the oldest one in Germany and has been transporting visitors since the 1920s. It offers a view far beyond the borders of the Czech Republic.