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Baltic Sea Resort of Binz

Binz is located in northeastern Germany in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern on the island of Rügen. The town has an area of 25.22 square km and about 5,200 inhabitants. The Baltic Sea Resort of Binz is located on the east coast of the island between Schmachter Lake and Prorer Wiek Bay. North of Binz extends Schmale Heide, a point of land that connects the Jasmund peninsula with Rügen. In the south and south-east of Binz is the approximately 1,100 hectare wooded nature reserve of Granitz with heights just over 100 meters.

What’s happening in the Baltic Sea Resort of Binz?

Bathing activities began in 1830 on the beach of Binz and the first hotel was built there in 1880. Since then more and more “summer visitors” have discovered the natural beauty and fine white sandy beaches of the Baltic resort. The magnificent houses in the style of seaside resort architecture along the Baltic Sea Promenade originate from this era. Today Binz is the largest seaside resort and also the largest resort on the island of Rügen.

Parallel to the beach of Binzer Strand that is 4 kilometers long and up to 50 meters wide, runs the beach promenade with the Binzer Kurhaus (sanatorium), numerous hotels and restaurants. Beach lovers will appreciate Binzer Strand and its fine white sand and protected location, its stone-free seabed and gentle surf. In addition, Baltic vacationers can enjoy the fresh salt air by bike or on long beach walks on foot. The Baltic Sea Resort of Binz also has a wide range of water sport offerings from surfing and sailing to water skiing, banana riding and tire tubing to pedal boat rentals.

In addition to bathing enjoyment, the Baltic Sea Resort of Binz also has diverse cultural offerings: in the galleries and studios of the Binzer Kunstmeile (the mile of art) you can watch artists at work; the Ostseebad Binz museum shows the beginnings of the Binz beach life; the Jagdschloß Granitz hunting lodge is worth a sightseeing trip as is Prora, the northern district of Binz with its museum mile and the nature center “Naturerbe-Zentrum Rügen” in which interactive exhibitions are offered as well as a treetop path and tours and information on the surrounding natural landscape.

Around the Baltic Sea Resort of Binz, there are also some worthwhile destinations for Baltic Sea vacationers. Southeast from Binz toward the neighboring Baltic Sea Resort of Sellin extends the largest contiguous forest area in northern Germany, the Granitz. In the center of this area is the 107 meter high Tempelberg and the remarkable Granitz hunting lodge; a broad network of trails also offers ideal conditions for extensive hiking and cycling in the forest area.

About 700 meters west of the Binz Baltic Sea beach you can find Schmachter See, a large 135-hectare inland lake surrounded by reeds. The lakeside walkway was built in 2003 and redesigned with a “park of the senses”. In addition, a signposted hiking trail leads around the lake.

North of the Baltic Sea Resort of Binz between Prora and Mukran is another popular destination: the flint fields in the 40-hectare large Schmale Heide nature reserve. Here, parallel to the Baltic coast, run fourteen 2 km long rock walls one after another that mainly consist of flint stone. Scattered vegetation from trees, shrubs, lichens and heather grows between the stones.