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Where is Ruhpolding?

The German municipality of Ruhpolding belongs to the Traunstein district in Upper Bavaria. It is the biggest community in Traunstein and is part of Chiemgau Cultural Landscape. It is home to 7,100 people and covers an area of 147.84 km². Picturesque Ruhpolding sits at the Ruhpolding Basin in the Miesenbach valley. Chiemgau ranges from Munich to the Austrian city of Salzburg. Chiemgau is home to Chiemsee Lake as well as numerous mountains and leisure facilities.

At what elevation is Ruhpolding?

Ruhpolding municipal area ranges from 630 m a.s.l. at the river Weiße Traun to 1,961 m a.s.l at Sonntagshorn Mountain. Curious? Our live web cams provide pictures of the neighbouring landscapes.

How is the weather in Ruhpolding?

Upper Bavaria enjoys a temperate climate with longer periods of fine weather and hot temperatures in the summer and the autumn. Check out our live web cam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend in Ruhpolding. Learn whether the sun is shining, or it is snowing at Chiemgau Arena. Our Chiemgau live webs cam take you a little closer to this fantastic countryside.

What´s going on in Ruhpolding in winter?

Ruhpolding is not only well known among biathlon and x-country athletes, but Chiemgau is also a popular winter sports region: winter hiking, skiing, ski touring, ice skating and lots more. Ruhpolding x-country skiing trails and ski resorts just outside of Munich attract visitors from all over Europe. Three ski resorts are just a few minutes from Ruhpolding: Unternberg, Westernberg and Maiergschwendt. These small ski resorts are perfect for families and all those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of the big slopes. Winklmoos - Waidring ski resort, featuring 42km of piste, is a 17km drive away. Ski tourers can walk up the pistes of Unternberg, Westernberg and Maiergschwendt or try Rauschberg Mountain. Rauschberg is the Ruhpolding local mountain featuring lift and on-mountain restaurant. Ruhpolding boasts more than 130 km of x-country skiing trails of varying difficulty. Many professional athletes come to this area to train for the competitions. Biathlon Welt Cup stops every year at Chiemgau Arena, turning this laid-back community into an exciting sports venue. Our live web cam Chiemgau Arena provides views of the racing course! Have a look!

What to do in Ruhpolding in summer?

Chiemgau in the summer offers walking paths, hiking, and climbing routes as well as Nordic walking trails. Everywhere along the way you always find traditional huts offering local delicacies. The numerous lakes and beaches, Chiemsee being the most famous and biggest of the region, are ideal places to be on hot summer days. Chiemsee is an 20km drive from Ruhpolding. Chiemgau is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany, famous for its food and way of life. From budget, apartment to boutique and five-star hotel, there's accommodation to suit every taste in Ruhpolding. Check out our live web cams and start organising unforgettable holidays!