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Webcams in der Nähe von Sebnitz

Where is Sebnitz and Mount Wachberg?

The so-called 'town of silk flowers' or 'town of artificial flowers' is located in the Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains in Saxony, Germany near the German-Czech border. It covers an area of 88,23 km² and is home to 9,250 people. Sebnitz is situated in East Saxony at the Saxon Switzerland National Park and is the largest state-approved health resort in Saxony. Sebnitz river flows through the town area.

Mount Tanzplan (czech: Tanečnice) has an elevation of 600 m asl and is considered the local mountain of the town, although it is situated in the Czech Republic. Heilige Hallen nature reserve is also located in this area.

Sebnitz is also known as the town of silk flowers. Since 1834 the manufacturing of silk flowers has been cultivated at the Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz. The factory is open for visitors and is a must for holidaymakers in Saxon Switzerland.

Webcam at Mount Wachberg

Sebnitz webcam's location is at Mount Wachberg (496 m asl). It is part of the Lusatian mountains on the south eastern border of Germany with the Czech Republic, only 1 km to Saupsdorf. From here you have a wonderful view of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains and the Eastern Ore Mountains. When the weather is clear you can even see the Schneekoppe of the Giant Mountains. Holidaymakers should not miss an excursion to Mount Wachberg and enjoy the wonderful panorama in real life. Have a rest at Wachbergbaude and take the 'Dr.-Alfred-Meiche-Weg' trail from Sebnitz to Hinterhermsdorf. 

What are the places of interest and destinations in Sebnitz?

Urzeitpark Sebnitz (primeval times park) is especially recommended for kids, which makes it a very popular destination for the whole family. The theme park displays 400 primeval animal sculptures. The local recreational area Forellenschenke is another highlight throughout the whole year. Checkout the high ropes course, kneipp basins and miniature golf in the summer. Enjoy perfectly groomed cross-country skiing trails and pistes with ski lifts and a sledding hill in winter.

Hiking enthusiasts enjoy wonderful tours in Sebnitz forest and at the Tanzplan. Take the old Hohe Straße to Ottendorf for a fantastic hike offering panoramic views of Saxon Switzerland summits and do not forget the excursion to the Wachberg as mentioned above.

Popular destinations in bad weather:

  • Museum of artificial flowers and local history: to gain insight into the more than 750-year-old town history of Sebnitz
  • Africa House Sebnitz: experience the world of Africa and learn about African culture and history. (It is the only museum in eastern Saxony dedicated to Africa.)
  • Tillig model railway museum or
  • Haus Deutsche Kunstblume Sebnitz.

In case of rainy weather enjoy a pleasant stay at KräuterVital-Bad Sebnitz (Herbal Spa). Well-being at its best: sauna, massages, relaxation. When the sun shines, come to our public pool or relax at the sun-bathing area.

Lovers of nature should not miss an excursion to Kirnitzschklamm gorge at Hinterhermsdorf, you can even book a boat trip at Obere Schleuse. By the way, Hinterhermsdorf was nominated the 'most beautiful place in Germany' in 2002, and even 'the second most beautiful place in Europe'.

Webcam at Wachberg & Weather in Sebnitz

Sebnitz webcam is located at the Wachberg at the German-Czech border. Checkout the live webcam to see the current weather situation and our weather forecast.