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Where is Worms?

Worms sits on the left bank of the river Rhine in the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate. The city was founded by the Celts and is one of the oldest cities in Germany. Worms is known as Nibelungen and Luther city and is famous for its landmark: St. Peter’s Cathedral, the smallest of the three Rhenish Royal Cathedrals.

Mainz is about 40km and Ludwigshafen about 20km from Worms.

Things to do in Worms? Sights and Events

Besides St. Peter’s Cathedral, the Jewish Cemetery Heiliger Sand is the most famous Worms sights. It dates back to 1076 and is the oldest Jewish cemetery in Europe. Worms Synagogue was first mentioned in 1034, destroyed several times but reconstructed every time. Other religious buildings are:

  • Mikwe, old Jewish bath from the Middle Ages
  • Luther Monument of 1868
  • Roman-Catholic Liebfrauenkirche Church
  • Pauluskirche Church and Dominican monastery
  • Martinskirche Church, Roman Basilica
  • Magnuskirche Church, the smallest Worms church
  • Luther Church, Jugendstil

Secular Sights are:

  • Nibelungen Museum
  • Rashi House in the Jewish quarter, also museum and city archive.
  • Nibelungenmühl
  • Parts of the old town wall
  • Hagen monument remembering Hagen of the Niebelungenlied
  • Ludwigsmühle
  • Worms water tower: 58m tower dating from 1890.

Worm is home to many more museums and theatres.

The best way to explore the city of Worms is by foot. Stroll through the many parks in and around the city. Tip: 6,5-hectare Karl-Bittel-Park, also known as Pfrimmpark, the green lung of Worms.

Worms is also known for its various events: Wormser Backfischfest, the biggest wine and folk festival of the region; Wormser carnival and Wormser Pfingstmarkt.

Worms Nibelungen festival is the cultural highlight of the year featuring different productions of the Niebelungenlied.

Other events are:

  • Worms: Jazz & Joy, three-day jazz festival
  • Worms’ night of Rock, featuring bands of the region.
  • Worms Honky Tonk, bar festival in spring
  • Apostel-Open-Air, famous music festival in summer
  • Wormstock, Rock festival in July

What’s the weather like in Worms?

Worms enjoys a continental climate and is one of the warmest and driest places in Germany. The summers are warm and pleasant, while the winters are cold and windy. The best time to travel to Worms is June to September.

Check out or live web cams for more about the Worms weather!