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Where is Borkum?

The German island of Borkum is the largest of the East Frisian Islands in the North Sea and is part of Lower Saxony. The island’s most distinctive building is the lighthouse dating from the 16th century. The archipelago covers an area of 90km off the shores of Lower Saxony. The East Frisian Islands also include Juist, Norderney, Baltrum, Langeoog, Spiekeroog and Wangerooge. A ferry travels from Emden to Borkum Harbour. Emden is the most western seaport in Germany and is about 38 sea miles from Borkum.

How large is Borkum?

Borkum covers an area of 31 km² with a length of 10km and a width of 7km at the maximum. It is home to about 5,000 people who are joined by many tourists exploring the area.

How is the weather in Borkum?

East Frisia enjoys a moderate climate that is strongly influenced by the Atlantic Sea. The weather in the summer is pleasant and not too hot, while the winter is cold but not too cold with temperatures mostly above zero. Check out our live web cam for the current weather forecast for today, tomorrow or the weekend in Borkum.

What to do in Borkum?

Borkum is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany, also attracting visitors from Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. The North Sea, its beaches and coastlines are perfect for outdoor sports such as kite surfing, surfing, swimming, sailing and lots more. Relax in one of the famous beach chairs and enjoy the view of the light house. The beaches and the dunes invite to extended walks, joggings, or small hikes. About 60 hectares of Borkum are covered by forest, but you also find salt marshes and small moorlands. Borkum’s fauna and flora are more varied than East Frisian islands.

What´s going on in Borkum?

There is something going on all year round in Borkum, famous for its old and rich tradition: Osterfür or Paaskefür on the eve before Easter Sunday, Maiboom on the day before Whit Sunday or Klaasohmfest before St. Nicolaus are real tourist attractions. More contemporary events are: Anschwimmen – opening the swimming season, Jazz festival in the spring, Kite festival in August or Borkumer Blues night at the end of the year. Borkumer Meilenlauf is very popular among athletes: 10 km race on the first weekend of September.