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Where is Hohnstein?

The town of Hohnstein is located in the Saxon district of Saxon Switzerland-Eastern Ore Mountains and is home to 3,500 people. It sits above the Polenz Valley at 330m on the right bank of the river Elbe.

Hohnstein lies on the Lusatian Fault, the most important geological disturbance zone between the Elbe valley and the Giant Mountains and is therefore part of Saxon Switzerland National Park.

The accredited spa includes the villages Cunnersdorf, Ehrenberg, Goßdorf, Hohburkersdorf, Kohlmühle, Lohsdorf, Rathewalde, Ulbersdorf, Waitzdorf and Zeschnig.

For first impressions of this charming town check out our live webcam.

Things to do in Hohnstein


Sitting majestically above the town Hohnstein Castle is the region’s landmark. The castle can be entered via the Market Square. The medieval castle also accommodates a museum, a lookout, a park and a traditional cellar. In 1925 the castle was turned into a youth hostel. It is also the starting point for hiking and climbing tours through stunning landscapes.

Destinations and Hikes in Hohnstein

Hohnstein boasts a total of 70km of waymarked trails crisscrossing fantastic scenery.

177m above Polenz Valley Brand View, also known as ”the balcony of Saxon Switzerland”, offers visitors the most beautiful view of the region. Rathmannsdorf vantage tower should also not be missed.

Bastei rock formation is close to Hohnstein and has to be visited when on holiday in this region.

Other fantastic destinations and hiking routes: Hohburkersdorf View, Hockstein View, Napoleonschanze, Lohsdorf scenic trail, Lupinen trail and Ziegenrücken vantage point.


The town’s oldest building: the townhall. Saxony’s most beautiful baroque church: the Town Church.

"Die Hohnsteiner" puppet theatre was established by Max Jacob in the early 1920s.

Families will enjoy a trip to SteinReich Adventure World, filled with fairy and fantasy fun. Note: Adventure World is currently under reconstruction and will be reopened in 2023. Mariba Entertainment World in Neustadt in Sachsen is fun to visit especially in bad weather.

Weather & Webcam in Hohnstein

Hohnstein enjoys a temperate climate with an average temperature of 18.8 °C in July. January is the coldest month of the year and February the driest.

The best time to visit Hohnstein is from the end of June to the end of August.

For more Hohnstein weather info check out our live webcam and get first impressions of the region.